Motorized Elevator Lift Video

Hi everyone,

I posted before with a video of my Vex elevator lift prototype, so now I expanded the prototype and motorized it. Here is the video of the motorized version:

I would love feedback both on the lift and the format of the video.

Does it use any external gearing for more torque other then the 2 high torque motors?

In another video, could you show more of a close up? Or post pictures?

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Because at the bottom of the post, you can put a post symbol. You must have clicked the angry face icon. See mine has a happy face.

I helped with building some of the lift so I will try to answer a few questions.

There is no ratio between the motors and the sprocket driving the chain. In the video we used a 18 tooth sprocket, although after we made the video we found it had difficulty lifting any weight. After making many adjustments and rebuilding it, the latest version is working well lifting 2 stages (a third will come) 30" with 4 motors on a 12t sprocket in ~4-5 seconds.

The old version is now gone (and was not worth looking to closely at), but I expect Omikhiro will post a video of the next version at some point.

How much does the lift weigh? (not including motors)
Many others on the forums have mentioned friction problems. How well would you say your version of the lift deals with friction? From the video it looks like the middle stages have friction problems since they finish raising out of order.