Motors acting up with connection to controller

So basically, the motors that I have hooked up to my firing mechanism have suddenly started going way slower. It’s not an overheating issue to my knowledge as I’ve checked the temperature of the motors in question and they never reach above 50%. However, the motors are able to move at their target rpm, which I have coded in (And double checked to ensure that they are coded to move at the correct speed), when I directly control them from the Vex Brain, but do not reach that speed when being controlled by the controller. Does anyone possibly have a solution to this?

in your code what is the velocity of the motors set to? The default velocity in vexcode iq is 50% if you don’t specify, so that might be your issue.

Otherwise, the issue might also lie in the motors being bad, try swapping the motors and seeing if the problem still occurs.

I set the motors to 9999999% to just have them go as fast as possible since that’s what I need them to do, I have thought about it being the motors simply dying and i’m hoping to get some more at some point.

The fastest the motors can go is 100%, so setting it to anything higher does nothing different then just setting it to 100%.

The maximum speed for the motors is 100%, anything above that could confuse the system.