Motors are acting strange?

My claw has two motors that decided to work 5 times but then get weird where they jerk around. Any suggestions?

Yeah, use 1 motor for your claw and check your motor controller.

post your code?

you may need to reverse one motor, if they are traveling in opposite directions they can jerk around.

Check for any dodgy electrical connections (right where the wire goes into the motor, under zip ties, at wire connections)

Well you know you could ask that one guy who helped you fix it…

I’m not sure about having to reverse them because it works for a little bit.

are you moving them back and forth quickly? you can tire out motors that way, and they will freeze up for a while.

that is possible

if this is the case, then you should probably use a high strength gear ratio, it gives your claw more torque, and it wont tire as easily.

When we went to a competition today and I took 1 motor off it worked a lot better

than your wiring on one motor was probably reversed.

it worked for a little bit then stopped working so I think it was just the PCB or whatever it’s called in the motor.

could’ve been that too. my advice? just switch out a motor if it is acting strange for an unknown reason.

That’s what I’m planning to do and I will when I get a replacement. Hopefully it will work a little better.

I changed the motor but it still does what it did before


What ports are they plugged into?
Our turbo drive had the same issue. We were running 6 motors turbo on 4" wheels on 13ish pound robot. We checked all the wired connections, then we checked each motor individually to see if they were working, then we made sure that they were running in the same direction, and we knew that friction was not a problem because we had spent a great deal of time reducing at our previous meetings. And… the problem persisted.

Originally we had 4 y-cabled motors and the other 2 motors in ports 2-5. On every cortex, ports 1-5 and 6-10 have their own breakers. Since the motors were drawing so much power at once they must have been tripping the breaker. We put one y cable in ports 6-10 and the other on our power expander. This solved the problem for us.

I may misunderstand what is going on but maybe the code in your program is arguing with its self. If one if statement tells the motors to stop and another tells them to go, and they are in a loop of some sort than what is happening is its doing one then the other over and over and over.

Sometimes the code plays a big factor in little things like these. Believe me, I’ve done this before. Make sure you’re code is formatted correctly and your curly brackets are in the right place. I’ve misplaced an open curly bracket before and had the exact same problem. Make sure the curly brackets are in the right place. Hope this helps!

We only have one motor on it. It works good at the beginning. But stops after a while.