Motors are not working nor being detected

Please comment if you have has any issue related to this!!
Before placing any motor to my robot I check them to be sure they are working ok, this morning I checked one and it doesn´t even turn on, the cortex doesn´t detect it, it doesn’t heat or something like it, seems like if it was dead, it’s been opend to check if any error could be found but everything seems fine.

Has this happend to anyone else? I’ve seen posts where motors seem to slow down or turn of but not just stop working from one day to another. :frowning:

I don’t have any experience with that happening, but am curious about your procedure for checking them

like any motor, we just conect it to the V5 with a simple code to run it, but as mentioned before, the V5 doesn’t even detect it, we tried in different ports and even V5 but the rest of the motors work perfectly, this actually happend to 2 motors but one was used before on a chasis and the other one in a tower, so it wasn’t the code (we want to think that) and when openning them we change the smart motor cartridge many times, also we checked the pins and they seem ok, maybe dumb but we shaked them to see if we could hear anything strange in them but they just dont even turn on :frowning:

Ah… these are V5 EDR motors, not IQ? You might find more help on a VRC thread.

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This is the IQ forum, but checking a motor before you spend hours attaching it to the robot is always good.