Motors + Blue Loctite

This year my team had a lot of issues with our 393 base motors becoming loose in between matches, A lot of base designs dont have easy access to tightening motors so I was wondering if using blue loctite would be worth it. Any suggessions are helpful, thanks.

As long as the blue loctite is not the type that can not be undone then yes I would suggest you do that. Also, Vex sells motor screws with a locking thing already applied on the screws.

Get a bottle of loctite 242. Its the medium strength. Just use a small drop and put the screw in. The bottle will last you multiple seasons. You should be fine. We had couple motors loose too and I’m suggesting to use 242 wherever we can’t use the nyloc nuts.

Purple Loctite (222) might serve you better.

I’ve never used or seen 222 in stores. lists that as an industrial item. @Adam T did you get that a supply house? Might be better for the smaller fasteners we use.

I believe I’ve purchased it on Amazon @sabarrett328 , and maybe in a local hardware store as an off-brand small screw threadlocking fluid. When I needed it in a hurry the place I found it was our local Tractor Supply Company.

Thanks @Adam T . I’ll be on the lookout and if I find it, I’ll compare with the 242 I have in my basement.

You’re right. Amazon would have it. They have everything.

Should take care not to round the screws though. Newer motor screws seem to round particularly easily when we tighten them securely and subsequently attempt to unscrew them, its a real pain when we can’t get the motors off.

Thank you for all the help everyone!

I have replaced all of my motor screws with the Star Drive VEX Motor Screws from Robosource:
I would HIGHLY recommend as well as suggest that these are used instead of the ones that are provided with the box. This way you will have absolutely no problem unscrewing a motor screw that has locktite.

Also the motors use the larger normal screws now, so it will be harder to undo

Who needs motor screws? We’ve used two of the larger VEX zipties to hold our motors on for the last two seasons. We take out all of the casing screws too.

Blue is good, but the purple is made for small screws with vibrations. We have used blue for years and have had no problems until somebody just glops on a huge amount. Then you will have to cut it out or come up with new and innovative ways to get it out.

@Jobe - just tried that and it’s stupid effective… gonna need a 1000 zip tie bag…

Edit: Tried it. Face palmed.