Motors Burning Up!

Hey our motors on our robot keep overheating after driving only for a few minutes at most. Help?

v4 or v5

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we have v5 motors on our robot

Also are they set up to a drive train or straight onto wheels or something else?

what inserts

two are right on the wheels and the other two are hooked up to chains


All of them are overheating? At around the same time?

other two wheels sorry

just the back wheels I think and yes at the same time

is this iq???

no this is vrc, not iq

than change the catagory

there i changed it sorry i just clicked on something lol


Can you post some pictures? It sounds like there is a lot of friction in your drive.


what in the heck is itz?


in the zone


That or there is something internally wrong, but unlikely since it’s happening to both

not at the moment but maybe tomorrow

In The Zone. It’s a past game and you put your post in its category.