Motors constantly overheating

i have my motors running full when they run my arm and they seem to struggle but it works fine. The motors i used are turbo to try help lift it faster. after 5 minutes of it running the motors start to get really hot and i am concerned they might get damage in a proper tournament senario. please help?

Try using 200 rpm motors in order to increase your torque of your lift since you are using turbos. I would also recommend rubber banding your lift to reduce the effect gravity has on your arms.

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wont rubber banding the lift make it harder to move because the rubber bands hold it down?

If you rubber band your lift a specific way, the rubber bands can help your lift extend upwards making the up motion of the lift easier on the motor.


Change them off of turbo, as that gives less torque, and while you’re at it, change your profile picture :wink:


on mine we have rubber bands set at a forty degree angle and depending on how many you put on it, it basically holds itself up. If your putting to much weight and strain on that motor you might end up overworking it and it completely stopping. This happened to the other team in my robotics class, they completely depended on that motor to help lift. In the end, it didn’t work at a competition and their robot couldn’t compete.

i think it works better with turbo, more speed = more power

I dont think it works like that.
More speed = less power
The more speed you get, the less torque you get. Otherwise everyone would be running 600rpm everything.


whats torque and how does it work?

Torque is basically power. The more torque you have, the more you can lift. if you were running 600rpm motors, and a 1:7 ratio, you would not be able to lift intake arms, but with a 1:7 ratio and 100rpms(or torque), they can lift.

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This document might help you understand challenges for designing arms with problem torque.


Lol, “toque is power” is true only for english majors. Like the stronger you are the more powerful you are. For the science majors power = torque * speed. The motors have only so much power, but you can trade off between torque and speed, tho.


Therefore the word basically, lol. I was trying to explain it.