Motors going in and out.

I don’t know what is going on, we are new to Vex… We have been having motors cut in and out. Mainly the wheels… I don’t know if they are over heating and if they are how do we solve that. I don’t know if it the wires are coming disconnected. I have checked those several times and it still seems to cut out. Any ideas?


When the wheel motors cut out, do the other motors still work? If they do, then you don’t have connectivity issues. The next time the base motors stop working, touch them and see if they’re warm. If they are, they’re probably overheating. If not, then you may have a wiring problem, or the motors could be dying.

Motors tend to overheat when they face a lot of resistance, like if a robot were pushing against a wall.

How many motors are you using? And are you using a power expander? If a lot of motors are running at once, and especially if they are encountering resistance, then they may be tripping a circuit breaker causing them to cut out.

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You don’t provide much information, see this thread for list of suggested information you should provide to get the best help;

In every case where motors are in use, then stop, then work again later,
it means you are overstressing some part of the circuit, and causing some protection circuit to stop the motors.

The usual generic answers to your common generic question are:

  • change your motor to port allocation to balance each of left/right/arm motors across port groups 1-5,6-10
  • reduce friction in drive train
  • add programming to ramp your motors up and down rather than instantly change from -127 to +127
  • drive more gracefully (same as above, but by driver skill rather than programming)
  • stop trying to push the wall, or other robots
  • decrease your traction on wheels
  • increase the torque in your gear ratio from motors to wheels](