Motors going slow for no reason

I have two motors for my intakes and i have them set for l1//2 r1/r2 but it goes slow. My team and i can tell that drive train goes faster than all of it and it goes barley fast enough to pick up the cubes. I came here first to see all of the viable options i can get before making a decision I will regret.

There are 2 ways to fix the problem:

  1. Change the rpm cartridge in your motors. The link to them is here:
    There are 3 types, 100, 200 and 600 rpm motors. (600 rpm being the fastest.)
  2. Change the velocity in the code, and test different velocities to see which one suits you the best.

Try a 200rpm cartridge for your intake motors. Is there a lot of resistance when trying to spin the intakes? If so, your motors may be dragging and overheating.

We thought the 200 rpm was going slow and when we switched to 600 rpm, it still went really slow. I dont know how to fix it. We switched the intake motors to drive train and saw that it went a lot faster. We dont know why drive train is going really fast and the normal ones is going slow.

Are those the motor names or their speeds?
It looks like the speed of l1 is divided by 2?

thats the control Left 1 Trigger Left 2 Trigger etc. Like on the controller.

Paste your code for spinning the intakes

Friction? Try spinning wheel on drive train - then try spinning intake – which is easier to spin by hand? If it is the wheel on the drive train, then it is an indicator a lot more resistance (friction) on intake. is your intake cantilevered from the motor driving it? are the bearing blocks or structure to help the drive shaft spin freely?

Take close up pictures of your intake, and post them here - you will get a lot of great suggestions from teams that have encountered these structural problems and found good solutions.