Motors going slower than capable

Our motors go up to about 50 rpm when we run them using our code, but when I run it off the brain through devices, I can go up to 200. I understand going super high puts quite a bit of stress on the motors, but I would still like to try to get up to 100. Does anyone know how?

Post your code. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Nothing so far I just have the drivetrain and tried setting the Intakes velocity to 100 though I kind of knew that would not work.

What specifically isn’t working?

It is working it just is not going as fast as I’d like, like the rpm is restricted in some way.

What makes you think the motor is spinning slower than its maximum speed? Which motor specifically are you worried about?

It is a 200 rpm motor that is powering the intake, and it moves slower than I would like it too, I am wondering why? It works fine when I power it from the brain.

Try recalibrating your joysticks through the settings on your controller

The function you are using asks for velocity units. You are giving it percent units. It is probably taking this as a command to spin at 100 RPM, not 100%.


It sounds like you have the intake assigned to a button using graphical configuration, it will use default velocity if you do that I think, perhaps un-assign there and write some code to directly control it.


are you coding in vexcode/vexcode pro if so check to see if your motors are input as the right gearbox red/green/blue, it sounds weird but it can occasionally make a difference.

you could also try using brake instead of hold it will put much less strain but still keep you fairly put in your position.

What are you using to control the intake? Something like this would work:

if (Controller.ButtonR2.pressing()) {
IntakeMotor.spin(directionType::fwd,100, percentUnits::pct);

else if (Controller.ButtonR1.pressing()){
IntakeMotor.spin(directionType::rev,100, percentUnits::pct);

else {


Awesome, however the last β€œelse” did not work. Thank you so very much!

Thank you! I followed what another person said because I saw their comment first, but they said the same thing basically.

Oh my bad I forgot the parenthesis, glad I could help :))