Motors have lower stall torque when running auton?

I’m mentoring an IQ team that is having trouble with their programming skills. Specifically, their robot is unable to high hang in autonomous mode. The motor power values are set to 100 in the code and robot can hang in teleop just fine. Does anyone know what’s happening here? I’m garbage with graphical C. We’ve ruled out electromechanical problems, since it works in teleop. What could be happening?

The most common thing to check is what is the program doing at the end of the hang? Do the have additional commands to keep the program running? We typically will put a long sleep in to ensure that the program doesn’t end and the motors disable the “hold” that would normally be there.

The robot is falling after the program ends, but the issue is that it can’t get above a low climb, despite being able to in teleop

If you are using two motors for the arm like I see many are doing, make sure both are being used by the autonomous program. It also can still be that the program is not running long enough to completely accomplish and then maintain the hang. Much of that can easily be masked by what a driver is doing with the controls. It is also to leave the robot tethered and run the program with the debug on for the motors and you can see what is happening there.

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