Motors Locking Up (Answers Only)

For a while, my team has been experiencing an issue where multiple motors lock up once a single motor reaches a certain rotation (about 60°).

I’m pretty sure that the problem does not relate to any of the programming, since I’ve already looked through it several times.

Picture of the robot below:

Yellow = Motor that causes the locking
Green = Locked motors
Red = What we believe the cause is (Too much weight, causing the motors to freeze


I’d love to post just an answer. Please post your code, you would be impressed on how fast new eyes can find a problem.

You can run the motor from the brain and see if it works in a standalone mode.

Can we get a side view a little closer on the arm that you are trying to move?

What is this robot supposed to be doing? From the picture you can tell pretty clearly that the green traction wheels are rubbing against the metal (probably causing a lot of friction), but what is the purpose of that setup?

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Appears to be an intake, from what I can see.

You’re going to get my standard answer(s):

  1. we need to see the code
  2. you should have the non-drivetrain motors (flywheels, intakes, etc) display their stats to the brain (temp, rpm, degrees, watts)

You’d be amazed what you can learn from seeing the motor stats.