Motors losing power during competition

Our robot has this issue where all the motors will be working fine during practice; but when the competition starts, about halfway through our four drive motors lose power. The strange thing is that those are the only motors to lose power. We have the motors spaced out over both circuits on the cortex, and we are able to go for three minutes straight during practice, so overheating shouldn’t be an issue, unless I’m missing something obvious

Too much weight/friction is my guess. You have to do a lot more backwards/forwards movement during real competitions.

Actually it looks like over heating is the issue, we had the same problem last year.

  1. It’s probably because you are using turbo or highspeed motor gears and your robot weights is too much.

  2. Try spreading the the load in a different pattern again, or switch back to standard gearing.

We had turbos on our base for out robot for In the zone, and they would always cut out whenever you lifted a mobile base, and we changed them out and it worked just fine afterwards, just a tad bit slower lol.