Motors Making Loud Screechy Noises


My team has been testing out V5 motor shells and we realized many of them make high pitched screeching noises. After searching on the forum it seems like usually this problem is caused by overheating and the motor would stop spinning. However we are testing on motors that has been sitting at room temperature for hours and the motor is clearly spinning. We are just plugging the motor shell (quick swaps) directly into the the brain with nothing else attached and spinning it manually using the devices list on the brain.

This problem is pretty common for us because the motors that we used for the competition the week before would start making this sound when testing it again the week after. We also currently have about 7 different motors that does this.

I’m wondering what exactly is happening when the motor makes these screechy noises and if there’s a way to prevent it.


Uh maybe if they are in a quick swap config then maybe try just putting all the normally screws in it then try it. Might be better. I’m not sure though

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for us this happened when the gears in the motors started to wear down, and something inside caused terrible screeching. it doesn’t seem to impact the performance, but the sound alone was terrible. I found that greasing the motor often eliminated the sound completely.

I haven’t done any testing at all, but this issue only occurred with my intake motors in TT which were under a lot of stress and were quick-swap, so maybe don’t quick-swap motors like that.


The internal gears’ teeth are likely chipped. Try opening it up and taking a look. assuming you already tried another cartridge and still have the problem, it’s probably one of the small plastic ones on the inside of the casing itself


Thank you! I will open the shell and see. Do you know if there’s a way to prevent this happening or what causes it to happen?

Lubricate the gears every now and then, and make sure you aren’t overloading your motor. stall is very bad