motors moving no remote

Hi, I am new to vex robotics. My question is, when I connect the vexnet 2.0 keys to the cortex and the remote control, should the lights on the keys be blinking blue? Also, when i try to use the remote control, I can not because the motors in ports 2 and 3 just start moving?

Please help.

Yes they should be blinking blue when they are connected. Also, have you programmed the robot yet, or they just automatically start moving.

I don’t know your setup, but make sure that if you have a 2-wire motor, you plug it in ports 1 or 10, or use a motor controller and plug it in ports 2-8. Also, if you have a code file that you are using, you can post it here and I can take a look.

The lights should be blinking blue when connected.

Since you are new to robotics, I am assuming that you assigned your motors to a constant value rather than an input joystick value. Also do not forget to put a while statement in your program. If both of those problems aren’t the case, you probably forgot to add in a wait command at the bottom of your task. Put in “wait1Msec(20);” into the end of your task. This will help because it gives the motors time to respond to your joystick values.