Motors not been Recognized

Saturday we performed a practice tournament for all 7 qualified teams from Puerto Rico. During the practice I noticed that one of the teams was having problems with the motors. The firmware update utility was not recognizing 2 of his motors. He replaced them with other ones and problem persisted. He then connected motors to other ports, changed cables and still same problem. I noticed he wasn’t using the latest firmware, so I asked him to update with the latest firmware.

He updated and all motors where recognized. Seems like new motors come out with the latest firmware version and if it is a firmware newer than the one installed on the brain, it does not recognizes the newer motors until you upgrade firmware on brain to a version equal or higher than the version of the motors.


Correct, If any Smart Device has a “newer” firmware than the Robot Brain it is plugged into, the Robot Brain will need to be updated as well.

The reason is because each firmware update fixes bugs or adds new features, so if the Robot Brain is running older firmware it might not be able to communicate with newer firmware Smart Devices.


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