Motors not recognized randomly

Hello, we just got our Super Kit 2 weeks ago and built ClawBot with 4 motors and a bumper. Things were fine until we powered up today and only the drive motors functioned. I connected to my computer and ran the firmware updater which only saw the 2 motors connected. I switched ports on 1 and it saw 3 motors. I switched another and it only saw 2 again. I pulled all cables and walked the ports with just one motor and it was visible in each port individually. My question is whether there is some sort of issue where if too many ports are connected and the battery is low, is it possible the brain can’t properly power all the ports and begins disabling some? I’m charging my battery fully now to see if there is some correlation, but this is frustrating. Help!

Ok, so I followed the forum and found I could reinstall the firmware. I did this for the robot brain an VOILA! --all motors/sensors are being recognized again! Not sure why the brain got corrupted, but glad there is an easy fix for it!

Hi Mikengray,

We’re glad that this issue was able to be resolved by reinstalling the current firmware. We are currently investigating this issue for the future to help prevent it from occurring.

If you have any additional questions, then please feel free to contact our technical support folks at or by calling +1-903-453-0802.


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