Motors on 1.1.1 not working

We have a pair of motors that work perfectly when plugged into a brain running 1.0.13 firmware but when plugged into a port we know works, with a wire we know works on a brain running 1.1.1 the light on the motor slow flashes and doesn’t connect to the brain. Is this a known problem or is there something we need to do to use these motors?

You are specifically looking for this section:

V5 Device Smart Port Red Light Behavior Indicates
The Smart Port light is slowly flashing a red light - once per second. The Smart Device is receiving power, but there is no communication between it and the V5 Robot Brain. - Bad V5 Smart Device, Smart Cable, or V5 Robot Brain Smart Port

You have ruled out a bad cable and bad motor, so try another brain. I don’t think this is to do with vexOS; many teams have 1.1.1 and it works for them.


The version should have no effect to the motors (to be specific, exceptions exist but it was one back in 2019 that is not a change related to this topic).

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Have you run the field control or skills program on this brain ? If so you need to reset ports as they will have been disabled. Otherwise, how have you determined the brain ports are good ?


plugged in a motor which is not effected by the issue, that one worked fine. Plugged in one of the effected motors to the same port with the same wire and it didn’t work.

edit: also we have never ran the field controller or skills program on this brain

That means an issue with the motor, usually static. That motor is pretty much dead. If it is quite new, you can ask vex customer support but there is not much that can be done.

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The motor works on our other brain, the one running 1.0.13. We also confirmed that is was not the port on the brain running 1.1.1

In that case, contact vex support or ask someone who knows more (@jpearman for example)

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