Motors Overheating Survey

Here are the results

96.3% said they have experienced overheating issues with VEX Motors
3.7% said they have not experienced overheating issues with VEX Motors

Was there a poll on how many fixed the issue by:

  1. We did a better overall design
  2. We just cut down friction by using bearing blocks, straight shafts, better alignment
  3. We just bought a case of the freeze spray for each even

bro at worlds we dumped cans of that stuff onto our motors, enough to make us almost die, and our motors were STILL not cooled down. Don’t forget we paired it with a fan too.


simple solution don’t use motors
use pneumatic drive
pneumatic flywheel
pneumatic indexer
pneumatic intake
only use pneumatics


And then you get to enjoy running out of air halfway through the match.

you underestimate how much air that would use you would move 5 inches and be out of air unless you had like 30 air tanks

It smelled so bad
At least our robots could drive though lol


3.7% of people are lying

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ok but I think I got lung damage from that but I digress. If anyone thinks canned air is gonna work wasn’t at ms arts finals.


so true bestie like fr :nail_care:


3.7% of people know how to build ;))


Good engineering doesn’t tend to rely on magic though…