Motors overheating when robot on but not moving

A robot with four motors experienced all four motors overheating when the robot was not running. The motors continued to get hotter until the battery was disconnected. We tried switching ports on the brain but there was not a change.

Anyone experienced this before?

Can you post your code?

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There was no code. The robot was just put together and on.

was it in drive mode? i assume v5 and are there any programs on the brain that could have been run. Also are these VEX cables or custom cables?

Do the motors make any noise when the robot is on?

Short vex cables. The robot was just turned on–not running. No code. Not in drive mode. It was just sitting on the table with the brain turned on.

The motors don’t make any noise.

You’re going to have to start a troubleshooting process. Unplug all motors from the brain. Then plug ONE motor in and see what happens. If things are OK, plug another motor in and so forth. If you plug one motor in and it heats up, change cables. Use a cable from a completely different pack than the other four (to rule out a manufacturing defect). Still a problem, change ports. Still a problem try a different brain.

All that to say use a very systematic process to rule things out ONE AT A TIME.

Good luck!

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ensure no chips of metal are in the ports, vacuum the ports out

Do the axles spin freely without the motors?


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