Motors Randomly becoming slow

The motors were running perfectly fine and then randomly became really slow. I don’t know what happened? Anyone have any ideas?


You put in Google Drive, make it public, and then share the link

I heard some clicking… if something is in the way of the motors they may start to heat up, causing the motor to slow down to ensure the motor doesn’t get damaged. Do the motors feel warm at all to the touch?

EDIT: are those rubber bands directly on the shaft?

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Probably temp level
Also if there is to much friction it might burn out

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as Jagwirerobotics1 said, temperature levels will cause issues, especially for V5. our team had a drive train motor overheat on us without knowing and it began to slow down a great deal.

to fix this, you could either lighter up the robot or the easier solution, use a lesser rmp motor that has more power.

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