Motors reversed in ModKit after applying fix for motors reversed in driver control

Hi. I flashed my firmware to 1.06 (using the firmware tool 1.17). After I did that the drive motors were reversed in “Driver Control” mode – pressing forward on the control made the robot drive backward.

I applied this fix for the problem:

After applying the fix the driver control program works properly. However, when I use ModKit for Vex to create a program that turns the motor clockwise it rotates counter-clockwise.

How do I get the motors into a state where I can both drive forward with Driver Control and write programs that rotate the motors in the correct direction?

Is there a way I can undo the “fix” above?



The latest version of the Robot Brain firmware (v 1.07) contains an additional bug fix related to the motor direction. All references to the motor direction in Driver Control program should now be fixed.

However, when working to recreate the Driver Control program in Modkit, please note that you have to invert one of the two sides of the standard drive train when using separate Motor blocks. This is due to the two motors facing in opposite directions - one motor must spin clockwise to make the robot drive forward and the other motor must spin counter-clockwise to make the robot drive forward.

The attached screenshots shows how to replicate the 2-Joystick Driver Control mode in Modkit using Motor blocks.


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