Motors Running In Only One Direction

Hey Vex community. I was building a scissor lift bot with a claw attached to it for a new game. However, when I tried running my program, ALL of the motors only went in one direction, regardless of which button I pressed. I’ve already tried the following:

-Clean new code
-Resetting controller/Brain
-Banging my head against the wall
-Rewiring everything
-Replacing motors
-Grabbing a foam tile to hit my head on

I’m still trying to figure out the problem. The motors, controller, and Brain are in good condition and up to date. Does anyone have a suggestion? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you could reply.

You may want to post your code, so that people can see if it’s a problem in the code.


As others have said, this is most likely an issue with the code. It would be very helpful if you shared it.

Yes, code would help to be sure, but when I’ve seen programmers with this issue before it was due to double reversing… if you’re using your joysticks as the input, they provide positive and negative values per axis. That being the case, you should always feed that value to the motor’s forward direction. If you set the motor’s reverse velocity to -50%, then that is the same as forward 50%, which could cause the confusion you’re seeing now.
In summary, if you’re setting positive and negative values to the motor for forward and reverse motion, always set that as the motor’s forward velocity.

Good to know. Thank you three for the interesting advice (especially that last bit). Unfortunately, I am a new user, so I cannot upload anything yet. Any thoughts on how to quickly bypass this restraint?

Just copy-paste the code here. Make sure you use triple backticks (```) to format it properly.

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