Motors showing power of 1?

Motor Controllers not responding.

I am looking for more insight on why a motor would have a 1 value in the motor power of the debugger window when the program runs? no matter what I try to do to change it, when the program is running, it is “1” and doesn’t change. when the program is not started, i can change it and it responds. see attachment for image.

if so, what and how can we remedy the situation, the motor only responds to certain controls at a time. port 10. moves forward but not backward when controlled by remote
snip (2).PNG

That has happened to us before, where only some of the motors had 1s, some had 0s, and a few had -1s.

Have you tried to redownload the program and redownload the firmware? If you have, try restarting RobotC and restart the debugger windows. These are some of the things that I know we have tried when this happened to us, but I’m not sure if these solved the problem or there was some other solution.

Mine does this too but I just ignore it.

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