Motors spinning

Every time we cut on the controllers our motors start spinning.

Is this a question about a problem you are having? Do you mean that when you turn on your remotes/controllers, all the motors on your robot start running at full speed? The more details you give, the easier it is for people to help you. :slight_smile:


Adding on to Jordan here; pasting your code will also help the other forum members help diagnose the problem
If your code tells it to rotate the motors constantly, that’ll obviously be the reason why it starts to rotate
If not, perhaps firmware or mastercode issues (incorrect firmware, corrupted mastercode, corrupted firmware, etc.)
The problem can be a multitude of things, so we need to know the specifics

if you recently upgraded the joystick firmware to 2.41 you will have to calibrate it. look for help joystick on your programming software to see the step by step procedure.