Motors Stalling Out

Hey guys. Techno here. When i drive my bot, around and run my shooter at the same time the whole bot stalls out. then i end up having to wait for the bot to cool down and stuff, which wastes a lot of time. is there a way which i can run both of them at the same time so i can maximize my time.

It is obviously your PTCs tripping.

Do you have any problem if you are only either running your shooter (is it flywheel?) or driving the robot around?

If it is ok when only one of them is in operation, that means you will need to look at your power distribution, i.e. how you wired up your motors into the ports.

If you are facing the same problem even if only the shooter is in operation, then most likely it is either too much friction or gear ratio issue.

Hope it helps.

Everything meng said plus you might consider using a power expander so all the loads aren’t being directed through the PTCs of your Cortex.

Our MS teams had similar problems when both drive motors and fly wheel motors were working simultaneously. Like the above posts note we solved our problems in the same way:

  1. Distributed the load evenly between ports 1 - 5, then 6 -10 on the cortex.
  2. Used a power expander for one group of ports 1- 5, or 6 -10.
    These two steps solved most teams issues.

The remaining teams issues were solved:
3. Reducing friction, collars too tight, alignment of shafts - lubrication, one teams motors would shut down after the 30 second mark, simply using lubrication resulted in continuous running.

The last team had a fly wheel constructed with two motors driving per shaft for each flywheel, however the two shafts were linked via a cog that was meshing. Technically, it should work, however this designed increased the load on the motor that was running the fastest, causing all of our motors to shut down. Once the two sides of the fly wheel became independent we had no more issues.

Last thing that we did was open the motors and lightly lubricate the gears inside.

Here is another link to further solutions: