Motors still dependent on battery %?

I’ve been working on autonomous today and I’ve noticed that both my intake and drive motors were influenced by battery % at times. Not sure if its just me, but at times one of my other macros for scoring works perfectly and at lower %s it doesn’t (the drive spins even slower and sometimes doesn’t spin altogether). I was just wondering if I am the only one with this problem or if this has been experienced by others. And if anyone knows how to fix or what may be an issue, wouldn’t mind some help. As of now, we plan on just dealing with it but were hoping, as the product launch stated, that V5 wouldn’t have this issue. Do note, however, I cannot say if it is just the brain im using as this is the first time we have fine controls like this. That’s why I decided to ask if others have experienced this issue.

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Are you sure this is battery % and not motor temperatures?

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Yes. Even though I’ve been testing for a few hours, with my way of coding, there’s around a 5 to 60min cooldown time. The motors have yet to even get warm.

battery over use leads to over heating motors leads to lower performance. The battery is not the problem, but rather the motors. I recommend a compressed air canister to cool down motors

Already tried that. We are aware as our last robot would overheat in about 2 mins.

R ur axles completely inside the motor?

Lmao one just came out on this last run I just did. Will keep posted.

V5 was designed to have the battery supply more than the motor’s max voltage so the issues from cortex of battery charge significantly changing motor performance are mitigated. It isn’t perfect but you shouldn’t be experiencing any noticeable changes above 40% as a safe number. That being said I’ve never had a problem running batteries to <20 and seeing significant differences.

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We have noticed this as well when using our DR4B on low battery percentages which causes it to feel a bit sluggish.

In all seriousness, if y’all are noticing this, imagine how much worse it was with V4. Although I don’t like V5, I have to admit they upped their game with their voltage system, although their statement of “ Remember that with V5, a low battery does not change the motor’s performance” and “ The V5 System as a whole is designed to produce identical motor performance at any battery charge level“ is quite misleading.


393 was horrible compared to this so I don’t rly mind tbh