Motors Stopped Working?

I have had this problem happen to me three times now on the same robot where the motor will just stop working. I know that this is not a coding issue. Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix it?
I have tried to:

  • Power Cycled the brain

  • Changed the V5 Smart Cable

  • Changed the port that the motor was plugged into

I’ve also replaced one of the motors that stopped working, but the replaced motor also stopped working after a while.

is the light on the motor port still on when it’s plugged in?

Is the motor blinking when plugged in ?
Is it making a noise when being run?
Check to see if you can find the motor in the brain screen.

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No the light is not on.

It is not blinking but is making a small noise when its plugged in running and not running.
I do not see the motors in the brain screen.

is it like a high pitched quiet whining noise?

This usually indicates that the motor is dead.

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Try using antistatic spray and see if the problem goes away. If that doesnt work, then try replacing the cable and switching the port on the brain. If that still doesnt work, then maybe check your robot construction. Overheating may also cause this but I’m not too sure.

Try to spin the axle connected to the motor with the robot off. Is it locked up?
If it’s locked up you will need to open up the motor and take it apart to a point where you physically see the motor object and the chip. Grab the small gear on the physical motor (the internal metal motor, not the V5 motor as a whole) and brute force it to spin.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Note: I am unsure about prevention yet but I have figured that to be a good solution to un-lock locked motors.

I did this and replaced the bad motors. I’ve been driving the robot and nothing has happened yet! So I’m guessing it was a bad port on the brain that somehow destroyed the motors after a while of them being used. Thank you for your help!

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