Motors Wired in Parallel

I am building a version of the Dagu Wild Thumper 6WD all-terrain chassis, see It requires a motor on each of the 6 wheels. I am powering and controlling the two-wire Vex motors via the Signal Splitter rather than the Micro Controller. My questions are: 1) is there a tidy way to wire each of the 3 motors on one side in parallel so they can respond equally to a single joystick command?
2) Will the Signal Splitter be able to handle the load of 3 motors concurrently on one outlet, six motors in total?

Hello Owg,

Thanks for your interest in our VEX Signal Splitter.
The Signal Splitter is not designed to power three motors per output. There is not a tidy way to power three motors per output. The VEX PIC Microcontroller can be reprogrammed with easyC or ROBOTC to individually power six motors from two Joystick inputs.