Motors Won't Stop Running

My robot’s motors won’t stop running. They don’t respond to the buttons on the remote even though I programmed it to do so. I changed the cortex several times and I’ve tried using the preset programs but the motors still act independently. Send help please!

Hello anzaryesbit,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. This behavior could be caused by your motors being plugged into the Cortex backwards or by not using a Motor Controller 29 between your 2-wire 393 Motors and the Cortex when using Ports 2-9.

Also double check that your motors are plugged into the expected ports for your code. For the default code, your left drive motor goes in Port 1 with the red wire towards the inside of the Cortex while the right drive motor goes in Port 10. Ports 1 and 10 do not require Motor Controller 29s to power a 393 Motor.