Motors won't turn from ModKit after firmware 1.07 update

I just updated my firmware to 1.07. Now the motors turn properly in Driver Control, but will not turn in simple ModKit programs.


  1. Factory reset the robot brain (connect to computer, hold down up+down, power on, etc.)
  2. Install firmware 1.07
  3. Run ModKit link 2013_10_01
  4. Under Windows 7, Chrome 30.0.1599.101, go to ModKit web site
  5. Create the following program:

Robot Brain + Motor1 + Motor6
On Robot Brain:
When Start, print “Hello”
On Motor1:
When Start, turn FWD 360 degrees
On Motor6:
When Start, turn FWD 360 degrees

  1. Program the robot. ModKit web site shows “Programming OK”

When the program is run the Robot Brain displays “Hello” but neither motor turns.

What do I need to do to make it work?

Screen shots of program attached.




The guys at ModKit got back to me - they can reproduce the problem and think it’s an issue with firmware 1.07. Here’s how to revert to 1.06:

  1. Download
  2. Plug in robot
  3. Run VEX IQ Firmware Update
  4. Go to the menu Update > Update from File > Robot Brain
  5. Select the .bin file you downloaded above
  6. Let the update run

Note that this may bring back motor reversal problems as described in this group, but at least ModKit will be able to control the motors.


Update from the ModKit guys: “We confirmed the bug in 1.07 related to Modkit and the default version for Modkit was reverted back to 1.06 in the update tool. So if anyone else updated they should open the updater again and should be brought back to 1.06.”

So you can disregard my directions above and just update normally.