I was having problems with my shooter stopping so I began checking everything, when I came across my motors running at different speeds. One motor was running almost double the other. So I opened them up thinking my partner and hadn’t switched the insides for high speed to discover they had the same insides. So baffled I checked the other side to see if it had been tampered with to discover they were the same except the one that was running slower had this green grease on the inside gears. Any idea why they could be so different? Also what is the green grease?

The Right one is the slower one, the stuff on the paper towel is the green grease. The left one is the one that runs fastest.

Do you have PID or some velocity control on your shooter. Your program might be speeding up one motor but not the other. It might also be that one motor is wearing down. Something similar has happened to us so we replaced the motor and it fixed the problem.

If @14X US 's idea doesn’t work, it could be a bad extension wire or motor controller. Try plugging the motor directly into port 1 or 10 and check the relative speeds.