Mounting License Plates

I am finalizing my robot for our regional tournament and was mounting my license plates with Velcro. As I was thinking about it, the Velcro doesn’t usually hold very well in matches and screws take too long to switch out license plates in between matches. I’m just curious to know, how do some other teams mount their license plates? What is the best option for mounting license plates? (Methods for quickly switching plates while still being secure enough to take contact with other robots)

I have standoffs with bearings on top, I just swivel the bearings out, plop in the license plates, then twist the bearings to hold them in place. but I’ve seen Vex IQ pegs used to easily cover up red plates with blue, or vice-versa.

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We use two standoffs mounted on the robot with two rubber bands on the top and bottom. The only picture I have of it is just one rubber band closer to the center, but usually we use a rubber band on the top and a rubber band on the bottom of the robot for mounting the license plate. We just use VEX IQ pins to attach the two license plates back to back and take the whole thing out and flip it when we need to switch. However, while the license plate has never fallen off, I do think there are better solutions like the one @2775Josh posted.


We screw one of the plates in permanently and then just use the little vex iq pins that come with it to put on the other color when necessary.

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Here is how my team attached our license plates back in NBN. There are two long standoffs attached vertically, and then small standoffs connecting each corner of the license plates. The plates simply slide over the standoffs and can be easily flipped around from match to match. This worked for us for multiple seasons, and we never had any problems. Hopefully, this helps!


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You can try 3D printing holders. Someone posted the files here:

We use a one bar to hold a pair of license plates bolted together - you just have the plates straddle the one bar - the pressure holds it in plate - quick to swap out. Marlboro High 4344 used the technique early season.IMG_0006

Could you use the grey plastic lego/IQ looking pieces as a mount, and then just snap the licence plates onto them. The old flippable setups are confusing because the robot looks both red and blue depending on from which side you view.

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We use screws to mount the first color on our bot, then use the included plastic clips (like IQ screws) to mount the other color on top. Then if we need to change we just rip off the top color or put it back on since it’s just clips.

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