Mounting Mecanum Wheels

I recently acquired some 6" VEXpro mecanum wheels (I think that is the right product). After trying some random ideas I cannot figure out how to mount them to a standard axle (1/4 cm maybe?). I need to know if I need to purchase an adapter or if there is something I am missing, thanks!

VEXPro wheels are not made for the VEX Robotics Competition.

This isn’t for a competition, just for fun and teaching.

Vex pro mecanum wheels use the versa mounting system, I can’t seem to find it, but there was a thread with this same question a few weeks ago.

The mounting system that Mystical Pie has mentioned can be found here. My apologies, I thought you were looking to use them for the VRC.

That’s ok , thank you for the link.
Which one will I need for the wheels I have?

You will need to select a shaft that there is a VersaHub for to use on your wheel. Have a look at the options. It lists the type of shaft the hub works for in brackets next to each product.

I looked through the options, I didn’t see a square hole hub, which is all I have, do I have to mount it some other way? I have the VEX EDR square shafts, not sure if there are multiple sizes.

Yes, that would be the case. I recommend checking out the Shaft Stock VEX Pro has to offer.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that the Vex high strength shafts (the big ones that require drilling and fit in HS gears without inserts) are 1/4 in, and the regular shafts are 1/8 in.

Here’s what I said in the other thread WRT using VEX EDR shafts.