Mounting non VEX IQ parts

I did a demo and got asked if it was OK to use non-VEX IQ parts on the robot. They were talking about small figures and some of the more decorative items. I know that this needs to be a Q&A question. But since I don’t have any of non-VEQ-IQ parts at hand, is there a way to mount them without using hot glue or something? It may become a moot point if there isn’t a way to secure them. Thanks!

In general, non-VEX IQ parts are allowed for decoration and must bear no function. Our team used a rubber band for placing a “President Business” minifig on the robot. For pictures/paper in general, you could use the pins (or the new thin sheet attachment parts) but again, it must be non-functional. Remember, a rubber band is a VexIQ part :wink: but the attachment could be anything as long as it isn’t functional and doesn’t modify parts.

Velcro works to attach things like mini figures and other non-paper items as decor