Mounting Pneumatic Tubing

My school is caught up in the line to get flex wheels and as a result we have very little so I was searching for an alternative for flex wheels for a fast intake (Spin up). I saw a short where a guy mounted pneumatic tubing to an axle, but I don’t know how.
Do you guys have any ideas?
(Link to the video, look in the comments)

in the video comments the creator states that the pneumatic tubing was run through the screw hole on high strength shaft collars, and then ziptied on either end of the hole to prevent it from slipping out.


Sorry, kind of new (I am a freshmen) but how would I zip to either of the holes. (also btw, screw hole as in the hole on the side by the shaft colar, not where the shaft goes right?)

I imagine if you just put a ziptie around the tubing on either side and tightened it enough, the zipties would act somewhat like shaft collars holding the tubing in place.

and yes, I’m assuming it was through the screw hole, not the shaft hole.


By the way, they are using surgical tubing, not pneumatic tubing, which wouldn’t work for this as well.

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according to the video comments, it is just regular vrc pneumatic tubing.


(Sorry for the gap I had PE) Ahh ok. I get it. Do you think you could just wrap the tubing around a regular shaft an zip tie it their? Thanks!

Oh huh. I assumed they were using surgical tubing. I think that that would work better, anyway. might be a good idea to test.

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Surgical tubing would be too flimsy imo. We are currently using poly cord (vexU) and still need to fill it will some spacers to stiffen it at the ends.

Another way that you could mount pneumatic tubing is to put a long set screw into a shaft collar and put the tubing around it

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Yo! nice idea, thanks bro!

Just found this video from 606X that explains how they do this with a step by step tutorial. Hope this helps.