Mounting Vex Quad Encoders

So my base is using 1x2 c-channels, so I can use quad encoder, unless I was to mount them upside down. Going to program that, would it work the same as if it was mounted normally, since its measuring degrees of a rotation?

Mounting a quad encoder upside down will not affect your readings in any way, at least from the situation you described. A picture or drawing might be useful.

Good to know, thanks.

Upside down sort of depends on your perspective, it might make a different or it might not. If it does make a different, what would happen is that the encoder spins the opposite direction when driving forward, giving negative values in your program. You can simply switch the 2 wires around that come out of the encoder to change the direction that the encoder reads as positive, or use the absolute value in your code.

Awesome makes the perfect sense.