Movable Goals Question

Does anyone know if the the gray poll on the movable, weighted goals in round up are somehow attached to the base, or do they just slide on and off. And if they aren’t attached, are you allowed to knock them off???

They are friction-fit, but very hard to remove if assembled correctly.

The grey pole segments are on our bases pretty hard. You can pick the base up by the pole. Swinging it around will make it come apart. I’m going to guess that lifting it in a match will not make it come apart.

our goal that came in the kit had no friction at all, it slid off when you flipped it upside down
we then just added tape to fill up the space and shoved the pole in

That’s actually what the instructions say you are supposed to do.

ok, thanks guys. yeah we had the same problem with our goal, it fell right off. i guess ill have to look at the instructions again. :slight_smile:

officials tried to tell me off for knocking the post off in a match last scrimmage; i told them it shouldnt be that easy to do :stuck_out_tongue: all i did was descore a tube… :rolleyes:

We ran a piece of duct tape around the base and then press-fit the shaft over it. If you built a VEX robot that could remove THAT, I would be very, very impressed.

no tape on our ones, but that sounds like a challenge :wink:

Would you believe that I was expecting this post?

Yes I would. :slight_smile:

We all were. We have a sixth sense about RTFM questions, this was one of them. The tape adds a new dimension to “Friction is your friend” (see prior posts on “Gravity is not your friend” and “When making large bets, bet on the side of science”)

i’d be concerned if you weren’t :stuck_out_tongue: