Move 2 Motors at Once

So I started programming the robot and realized I dont know how to use 2 motors at once. Does anyone know how?

Software: Vex IQ Code Blocks


At the end of each move motor for a certain amount block, there is a triangle pointing right. If you click on it, it will expand to show something like “and don’t wait.” Just do this for every motor before the final motor(in the order you programmed it in) and you should be able to move multiple motors at the same time.

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Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 6.26.55 PM
This is what I see. No Triangle. I remember doing that a few years back.

For those, it will just run through the program. It won’t move the motors since you never specified for how long. Just add a wait until block at the end of the program and put in what parameter you want.

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Oh I see. Just draged those in as an example. Mis understood. But it worked, thanks!