Move Absolute isn't working in pros

Can someone please explain to me how move absolute works because I don’t think I’m using it right. The problem is that whenever I say motor.move_absolute(120, 600); it either barely moves or doesn’t move at all. If i change the 120 to like 20,000 the same thing happens. I’m trying to use it in a function, where if I do move_absolute(0, 600) it goes back to it’s original position where the program started. It just does nothing tho.
It doesn’t work in auton, or driver control

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It could be possible that you are not reseting your encoder counts after every movement. Try printing the motor encoder values to console and see if they are reseting. Also are you programming in PROS or VEXcode?

I am using pros. I thought the program works so whatever position it’s at when the program starts, that becomes 0.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “barely moves”? Since you are using 600rpm carts, there are 1800 encoder ticks per rotation. If you tell it to move_absolute(120,600), you are only telling it to rotate 1/15th of a full rotation, which can be hard to notice.


I changed it to like some huge number and it doesn’t do anything. It just struggles I’m trying it in driver control but it doesn’t work in auton either. If i use get digital in driver control, if we hold it for a bit, the motor struggles and barely moves, and if I use get digital new press for a toggle, it doesn’t do anything.

Does it do this if you use move_velocity(600); or move_voltage(12000);? What about using a move_relative command? It sounds like you may have some other problems. Just to confirm, this is a motor and not a motor group right?

It is a motor. I tried using move relative but that also barely doesn’t move. I think it has something to do with our ratchet. We have 2 motors ratcheted together. So if they work together, they pull back our slingshot, or if the ratchet runs the other way, just the intake runs. Is that part of the problem?

Quite possibly. Make sure you don’t have a motor running the wrong way or something. If you want to verify what is happening, you can always disconnect the motor from the shaft to see which direction it is spinning and that move_absolute is working as intended.