Movement within the pre_auton phase?

For our robot, there is a way we can greatly enhance it mechanically but will require extra programming, i have in mind how to do that, but we’d need to sacrifice 3-5 seconds of our auto. Can we use things like motor.spin in our pre_auton?

That’s like kicking the ball before the soccer match even started. 10,000,000,000% illegal.

Ya that’s a dr stone reference


Why would you need to move your motors to move to work better tjough

You won’t need to worry about the autonomous phase since you’ll be disqualified.


It wouldn’t give them a nanometer of leverage because they’d get DQ’d.
Not very exhilarating.

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In VEX IQ we were able to set some stuff up (encoder values, starting pos, etc.) and my team is wondering why we wouldn’t be able to do stuff like that, could i get the rules reference and it wouldn’t be like picking up cubes or scoring or anything

Sure you can reset encoders but your robot can’t exactly be moving before the match starts is all

Ya u can do all that. But in ur q u said movement. Movement is illegal. Setting things up on sensors is not

what i’m talking about setting up encoders would be like our lift moving back to get it’s voltage draw

Yup that’s illegal.

20 char

is there a rule reference?


It’s perfectly OK to move motors during initialization. If all you need is for your robot to make some moves (like pulling a mechanism to a hard stop and reading an encoder value), it’s legal and easily possible - you start your program, let it do what’s necessary, then plug the field control cable into your controller, which will disable your motors.
You can’t rely on your motors to stay in place while disabled, though - if you had strong rubber bands supporting some mechanism and you needed motor active to keep it in the legal starting position, that won’t work.


This seems fine but I also feel like in the past there was some thing about plugging in before turning on? Maybe it was only the old system or something but I feel like there was some reason to do it that way. Maybe not.

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Here is the game manual:

And here is the official rules Q&A:

Both of these together constitute all official Tower Takeover game rules.

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Recommend a reading of the Game Manual and Q&A for this season. Fuzzy recollection is not really adding to conversation.

That said in your example of “plugging in”, this season if at the end of the autonomous period of the match the robot has not moved you may check to see if the robot battery is plugged in and if the Cortex or V5 Robot brain is powered on, and for V5, if the program is running.

This season you are not permitted to move the robot or game objects in between autonomous and driver control period. Nor should you be allowed to reshape or reposition your robot.

It would be really helpful if extra effort was put in reading the finer details of the Game Manual as season is getting into full gear.

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I can’t object to reading manual.
But I don’t see any mention of moving anything between auton and driver. The OP specifically asked about pre_auton.


I was responding to another response to the post which appear ambiguous. Also, plugging in does it apply pre-match? or in-between autonomous/driver period.

lots of factors.

I was not referring to an actual rule in the book but rather that according to this
you should be completely powered off before plugging into the field. I’m not sure why this is necessary and it isn’t in the rules but I assume it is there for a reason.

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You can completely set up anything, Hell im pretty sure you can setup your pnuematics even, but movement means that your leaving the starting position before the match starts, where as other robots might need to do the same IN the autonomous period. I think the better example is in track of field. They say set before you run, and your essentially set before everyone else is.

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