MOVIES: Need your input!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

I need some inspiration of movie characters or just movies!!! Can you please post your favorite characters/movies???


Star Trek, characters include Spock, Kirk, Picard.

Princess Bride is the Best. But have no idea how we can incorporate the Characters.

What about the trolls in Frozen?

Batman 5ever.

Dr. Strangelove

Hal (in 2001. But I never liked him when he played in the 1996 version of Gone with the Wind. His portrayal of Rhett Butler was just a little too… flat.)

Anything Mars Attacks!.

Also, I always thought “Wilson” did an excellent job in the movie, Cast Away. Some of his quotes are my all-time favorite.

I’m surprised Wilson didn’t get an award. District 9 was my favorite movie no character in particular though.

DJANGO! That serial killer is awesome! Django from Django: Unchained by the way, Jamie Foxx plays him perfectly.