movies on ipod?

a couple of questions, for one is it legal to put my dvds on to an ipod (burn my dvd then transfer onto ipod), for two, if so, how?

hmmm, i doubt that its legal, but i dont think anyone would care if you do it. as long as you arent stealing the dvds in the first place, i would think that you would be fine in ripping them to your ipod.

no im not stealing the dvds, they are mine from my personal collection, how would i rip them, theres no option in itunes and i dont think i can do it in wmp, i do have a dvd burner though

have you tried drag and dropping the dvd files to itunes?

ill try that but the dvd files have extensions i have never heard of, so they many not be supported by itunes, il have to try that tommorow

theres a bumch of softwares you can download to do this the software unlocks the dvd and formats it into an ipod version itunes wont let you do it ive tryed but ive never tryed downloading software to rip dvds

If you own the DVD, I see no problems with putting the video on your iPod, as long as its still for your own personal use and you don’t share it with anyone else.

I normally use Handbrake for re-encoding DVDs into either MPEG-4 .mp4 format (if destined for iTunes/iPod) or Matroska .mkv (if destined to be a full-res backup) on my Mac. Handbrake is also available for Windows and Linux (though I haven’t used it with either), and is completely free.