Moving axis on VEXCODE blocks

We are in the process of programming our controller, and we are using VEXCODE blocks. In this, we were attempting to program a driver control using the blocks. We want to use the joystick controls for controlling the robot, but there is a small problem. In words, the point is, for example, to set controller axis up to drive forwards, and controller axis a down to move in reverse. But the only block relating to the joystick axis’ is controller axis a CHANGED. There is no block that says"when axis a moved up" or “when axis a moved down”, rather it is only “when axis a changed” So this makes it not possible to program driver control on VEXCODE the way we want. Is there any way to get past this problem, and to make it possible to have a system which takes into account axis a up and down? Please let me know. It would help a lot.

This will do it. When the value is negative, it will go backwards, even thought the command says forward.



Thanks very much. I had thought of using the “Controllerr A position” block, but I didn’t know that setting it to the velocity would make it work. So it turns out that the values ARE positive and negative. Thanks again!

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