Moving Vex Parts in Fusion

I have been practicing using fusion 360 with the EDR kit and one issue I have been having is the moving of the parts. In other software like Blender, putting parts together was easy with snapping but in Fusion 360, most of my time is spent switching between views and aligning parts properly. Does anyone know a easy way to move the parts easily? And Does Fusion360 have face and edge snapping?

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I haven’t used fusion before but if it is anything like solidworks you can just use mates.


Fusion has a grid snapping feature that can be enabled from the bar at the bottom of the window. However, I don’t think this will massively help you. You would be best off joining parts together using joints. This video: is very good at explaining the basics of using Fusion for VEX, I suggest you have a look.


Yea group pieces together with solid joints, and anything that moves can be attached with a rotating or sliding joint. From there, you can animate/drive joints and such.


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