Mplab 8.30

I just got mplab 8.30, and now my projects don’t seem to work, when I compile my program a new window pops up saying:
Failed to load
The output window says this:

When I download, the robot doesn’t do anything.
One more thing, when I click on ‘make’, the output window says that the
.cof file is out of date.
Please reply!!!

Please reply!!! Vex is the only hobby I have and I use it almost every day. Without the answer to this I can’t do anything.

Please post your source code. I suspect the problem lies on line 5 of your code as “C:\Users\User\Documents\MPLAB\WpilibComp\Project2\ MainTest1.c:5:Warning [2058] call of function without prototype”.

Please also describe what you are trying to do.

I have not used MPLabb for VEX but use it every day for work and will try to help. I suspect that the number of people who use MPLab for VEX is small that is why you have had no responses.

The message in the build window states that it obtained warnings but it seems that the build completed successfully, so did it generate the Maintest1.hex file?

You do not need the COFF file since the IFI Bootloader just dowloads the hex files.

Please post your entire Project, so that we can try to build it with a Different Tool-Chain.

This is to test the case that your Tool-Chain setup is bad. Verses your Code being bad.

Ok, I atached the source file, I’ve never used atachments here but tell me if it doesn’t work. I’m using WPIlib. I made the simplest program I could do to test if it works, my projects worked great before version 8.30.
MainTest1.c (181 Bytes)

When I try to download the hex file by using Export, the robot doesn’t do anything, not even in the terminal window.

Ahh… Are you using the WPIlib with EasyC or the one from the WPI Web site??

#include "BuiltIns.h"

void IO_Initialization()
    DefineControllerIO(4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);

void main()
    PrintToScreen("Hello World");

Have you setup your MPLAB like this: Using MPLAB with the VEX API to write robot code. (I have a link to that and some more information in Thread, Starting with MPLAB.)

Even if you are using the WPI Lib from the WPI Web Site, you need to make sure that the Library and the Header File are located where MPLAB can find them to Include and Link into the end Project.

I found the problem! It’s actually kinda stupid. The C18 compiler had all the directories to mcc18, instead of their corresponding directories. I found this out when I saw the part of the directories in the link MarkO gave me, I went to the toolsuit window to check, and there I saw the problem. Thanks for all the help!

Not a Problem… Glad it was a simple fix. Please keep asking questions.