Mr. Roboto 3

FTC#3 presents: Mr. Roboto 3

I’ll be happy to answer any questions, with less than a week until championships we have nothing to hide except strategies.

Just Amazing!

Very scary, put I am not too worried. I think now I would rate Mr. Roboto as better then Simbotics. :smiley:

Wow what is your drive train. Looks fast and powerful.

six wheel drive powered by 4 motors, it’s 2 of our traction wheels and 4 omnis on the corners. we built a robot with a six motor drive and 12 small wheels and it couldn’t push mr roboto from the side and when it pushed straight on both robots just stalled out.

in the video the robot we are pushing towards the end (number 634) had 8 motors on thier drive train.

Really well done robot and video. Lmao at 1:51 - 1:57

I was wondering, how many small wheel tires do ppl use to make the larger traction wheel, and which one is the most efficient?
btw, tht was us falling at 1:51-1:57
Thanks to Mr. Roboto and Super Pals for having GP and waking our bot up
I don’t think our bot will fall at World

like one and a half

That looks like a very nice robot. I hope to get paired up with you in some matches at Atlanta.

Did you guys change anything besides the hook? and whats the side railing for?

just a remade hook(as seen in the video), updated autonomous code, and the side rails. if we are pushed up against a wall we can still turn and get away.

Looks great guys, can’t wait to see it in competition!

ive now seen your bot in atlanta on the webcast -> awesome!

ouch! looks like they have a problem with their 'bot in match 26