MS Teams Having a Tough Time Getting to Worlds

I’m hoping the powers that be who changed the way a team can make it to Worlds will take this scenario into consideration…

I was recently at a tournament where 5 High School teams from a private school, that have been traveling all over the area and competing in multiple tournaments trying to win spots to Worlds (even going to other neighboring states), pummeled all the other teams there which were all Middle School teams. So, none of those 31 Middle School teams made it to Worlds even though there were a number of really good teams. These Middle School teams only get 2, maybe 3 at most, chances to even compete, because they are from public schools and can only compete locally, and this seems so unfair to them. Especially knowing that at Worlds there are separate High School and Middle School divisions. Not to mention, as a spectator it’s a little unnerving to watch High Schoolers massacre Middle Schoolers like that. No one was cheering for the High Schoolers but themselves - it was pretty sad.

Is anyone else out there experiencing something similar? Is there something that can be done to ensure good Middle School teams can have more of a fighting chance to get to Worlds? Has VEX considered maybe limiting the number of tournaments you can compete in, or allowing the top Middle School teams from a tournament go if they are creamed by High Schoolers - there must be a way to level the playing field for Middles Schoolers in a situation like this?