Multi city program

So I’m starting my own program and I live in Seattle, but I have friends who want to do vex but thier from Portland and they want to be part of the program I’m starting. So my question is, is that if they qualify for a state tournament will they have to compete in the tournament of were the program is based (Washington) or will they qualify for the state chanpionship of were thier team is located (Oregon)?

I would pick a jurisdiction and stay there. Choose the one with more worlds spots :smiley:

HS spots:
Washington 9
Oregon 5

Not sure of the competitiveness of each state however. That may sway your vote.

You could always register two teams in two states and build a second robot and compete in both as you could. You just can’t compete in the same tournament with the same people or same robot.

Switching robots across teams is within the letter of the law I think from competition to competition but not looked upon as a nice move.

Building long distance has been done before but required some heavy experience. NAR did it in college but they did not do it the next year. Not sure if that was distance or life catching up to them.

No there’s 2 groups of people who want to do 2 teams its just 1 team is in Seattle and the other team is in Portland so but the program is based in Washington. So will they compete at the Washington state championship or will they compete in Oregon’s state championship since they are located in Portland

Well since they qualified for their state, Oregon, state championship, they will compete in the Oregon state championship. You qualify for the state championship in the state you are located.

You can put an address per team to keep one in OR and one in WA. See if you can have two different numbers to keep it easily separated.

In each registration on you can choose a different address in a different state.