Multi-Functional Tank

Dear vexers,
Here I am displaying a robot that I have decided to create for fun and out of necessity. I am at this point installing the drive system, which will include a large surface area of tread links, four motors, and a fast gear ratio.

The finished robot will include a robotic arm with some extent of adaptability for claws, tripod mounts, nerf guns, etc. It will be fairly long and hopefully will be able to reach very high. I will likely use two motors for each segment of the arm and I will see if I can get a high-strength gear kit.

The robot will have a panel for later modifications, such as an addition of lights for filming. I do plan on programming this robot to respond to commands from a Vex-Net (I really need to win the lottery!) and other inputs so that the robot can be used for filming in a way that will be easier for me. (I use youtube often)

The frame I have already built is very sturdy and large. It can support my full weight and is 8 inches high, almost 2 feet long, and 15 inches wide. Here is a video showing the structure:

I hope you enjoy watching my progress! I will be posting an update here every time I have installed a new subsystem. I would also like to ask you what I should build onto the end of the robotic arm. It would be cool to get more ideas! Thank you!

Thanks everybody :smiley: ,

Don’t make the arm too long, though, you’ll tip your robot (I’ve tried it). But if you really want to make that arm so it extends over the CG, you should make one of these (the movable stabilizer the front of the robot)

It really helped, but you might have a better solution, like putting counterweights at the back of the arm, on the other side of the load. Wait a minute, I should have tried that… :slight_smile:

Thank you for that advice! I made the frame so large so it would hold down a fully extended arm, but this will likely help! I don’t think weight would be a good idea, since I want the robot to be able to move quickly without too much strain. I have already developed the gearing system and all I need now is a longer screwdriver so I can get to the motor through the frame.


Here is the Vex claw I have built for the robot. It is extremely strong!
I am also working on the gearing of the drive system now. I have been experiencing problems with my gearing so I chose a different system.